Book II of The Frontmire Histories

June 9, 2009 - Rise of the Dark Queen has been released as of today!


When Daektoch, mage of the Dark Arts, cast his evil curse upon Andreanna, he had no idea of the trouble he was about to cause himself; he should have just killed her and saved himself a lot of trouble! His hex, coupled with her latent Elven magic, produced the most powerful magical force on the planet – the Dark Queen. 

She’s about to become his chief nemesis.

Meanwhile in Mildra, Jerhad and the Elves hurriedly gather together, and under Stanton’s leadership, go out to meet the wizard’s minions, tens of thousands of Trolls who have been sent to eradicate the Elves.

The Faeries assist Andreanna in coming to maturity with her magic. Breezon and the Dwarf mountain lie besieged by Trolls in order to prevent their helping the Elves, though HeartStone the Dwarf King sends 10,000 troops to Mildra to assist in building defenses and shore up Mildra’s inexperienced army; together, the Elves, Dwarves and four Giants labor by night and by day to erect stone fortifications.

            One battle leaves two of the Giants at death’s door – felled by Rock Trolls. Andreanna wanders in the Mystic Mountains searching for the Faeries and struggling to control her own magic. Jerhad struggles with his evolving powers, as well as his leadership over the newly formed Elven Army, while Stanton battles his own ghosts and…his emotions for an Elven maiden!

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